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A Choir of Angels?

I’m privileged to direct the community choir in my town of Deer Lodge, Montana.

I was born and raised in this little town and remember 30 to 40 degree below zero weather. I never remember having a snow day. So, naturally, when the snow started falling and the temperature dropping, I assumed choir rehearsal would go on as scheduled. It didn’t happen that way. Choir members started calling and texting, asking if there would be rehearsal. With a concert on our schedule I was reluctant to cancel . . . But I did.

Last Monday, two weeks after our last rehearsal, the choir showed up ready to sing. I gave the cue to start singing and a magical sound reached my ears. I was transported to another realm as the pleasure of choral music touched my soul.

I thanked the choir for giving this music gift to me. In a split second, they asked, “Did we sound like a choir of angels?” I smiled and called for the next piece.

Although I have been involved in music for many years, this was an unusual experience for me. I hope when we present our concert the audience may feel a little bit of what I felt.

 I am passionate about music and love to share it with others. 

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