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I Grew Up on a Piano Bench

When I was born in Deer Lodge, Montana my parents lived in a little town called “Opportunity.” We lived there for a year before moving to Deer Lodge. The name “Opportunity” sounds so positive and optimistic but, unfortunately, it was not. Nonetheless, as I got older I was intrigued by the name and it became a beacon of possibility for me.

I am always interested in what career choices people make and wonder the conditions that led to that choice. Quite often the choices are influenced by significant people who have crossed our paths. For me, it was my family. I heard my father singing with his nice tenor voice. His favorite song was “Que Sera, Sera” and I believe he liked the song because he lived his life that way — whatever will be, will be.

My mother didn’t have such a great voice, but she was more musical and would sit on a piano bench at her old upright piano and sing and play. Usually, my brother or sister or I would be sitting alongside her soaking up the sounds of music. Of course, at the time, I gave no thought to career choices but I’m sure I absorbed those early experiences.

Later, a HiFi record player showed up along with boxes of Time-Life and Reader’s Digest record series. I would sit and listen to these by the hour. The names of the albums escape me, but the music is forever with me. In high school, I was enamored with opera and musical comedy. I loved the glamour, the energy, the costumes, the music. Every Saturday I would tune in on the radio to the Texaco Opera presentation. Musical Comedy continues to be one of my favorite types of music. I have heard other people say, “Musical Comedy is so unrealistic. Whoever hears something and just breaks out in song because of it?” My children laugh and say, “It happens all the time in our house.”

I value those early musical experiences which shaped me and influenced me to choose music as a career. Although I participated in athletics and theater, music was always my first choice. It has been a great choice which led me ultimately to starting Music Lovers Shop. Keep your eye on


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