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Making a Difference for People

When in elementary school, if someone had asked what was important to me I would not have answered, “To make a difference.” I had no concept of the idea and yet, as I look back, even then I was trying to make a difference.

When I was about ten, the church I attended held a contest for the most Bible verses memorized. Prizes had been gathered from local merchants and put on display, so we could see what was available. I won the contest and was given the first opportunity to choose. I chose a very large doll to give to a girl who was ill. No one told me to do this. It was my choice. I was making a difference in that girl’s life without knowing what to call it.

On May Day, my mother would cut flowers from her garden and make baskets which my sister, brother and I would deliver to the neighbors. A simple gesture which made a difference for our neighbors. 

In high school as I evaluated what I wanted to do with my life I wrestled with choosing between a music teacher, minister or architect. In a previous post I tell the story of one of my earliest architectural designs. (

Ultimately, I chose music education. My choice was not entirely based on positive information. One of my music teachers, in my estimation, was so bad I believed I could do better. If not, I would quit. Many music teachers say they are teaching music. For me, I always believed I was teaching people. I am happy to say I did better because I made a difference in kid’s lives.

So, despite all my interests, I learned that to make a difference I needed to focus on one thing. Once again, my father’s advice whispered in my ear. “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.” ( Be passionate about something and focus on that one thing. This is what led us to focus our store on just one thing—Unique gifts with a music theme to make a difference in people's lives. Keep your eye on


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