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Heart-shaped necklace can be personalized.
Heart-shaped necklace can be personalized.
Close-up of heart-shaped pendant.
Heart-shaped pendant in hand.
Another view of heart-shaped pendant.
Heart-shaped necklace on black bacground.
Sketch showing necklace chain lengths.
Close up of necklace chain.
Heart-shaped necklace can be personalized.

This Striking Heart Pendant Can be Customized

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This striking Classic Heart Pendant with the words "I Love Music" is sure to draw attention to you--the music lover. If you want the pendant to say something else it can be customized during the checkout process.

This pendant can be personalized to say what you want it to say.

♪ Sterling silver to last forever
♪ Classic shape says love no matter what you write.
♪ Comes in two sizes: 3/4 inch and 1 inch to fit your preference.
♪ The chain is 18" with a two-inch adjustment to fit almost everyone.